“Road”. Video HD. 7 min. Quito - 2013

Two weeks later I started a video in which I felt the need to represent the enormity of the landscape in which I grew up. I decided to rent a van, hold my tripod and camera in its trunk and record. I have chosen the route Aloag - La Virgen because it is the road that links the Highlands and the Coastal region (the Andes with the sea). It is a route that descends 2000 kilometers of altitude in less than 3 hours. As a location, the road marks a continuous spin around the Andes in a circular journey. We went from the clarity of a sunny day to a dense fog. The mountain range creates a microclimate in which the clouds set. White is increasingly denser as we descend. Through the mountains I can sense the scale of my tiny body in relation to the enormity of the rocks.